Frequently Asked Questions


What services can be offered with a FLIP Photobooth? 

Depending on which software and add-on options you choose, our booths offer Flipbooks*, Photos (4" x 6" or 2" x 6" prints), Videos, Boomerang Videos, Animated GIFs, Green Screen photo/video/GIFs/Flipbooks, Morphing, Cinemagraphs, Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS text, and email), Slow Motion Video*, Light Painting*, 3D 360 Virtual Reality*, Image Slideshow*, Digital Props, Photo Filters, Hashtag Printing, Web Gallery / Microsite, Email Collection / Social Sharing Reporting, and other new features. Here are some examples:





Why is it important to have continuous AND strobe lighting?

Our booths can be setup with continuous LED lighting and a professional studio strobe flash. The LED continuous lights are bright enough to execute video capture, so that you can offer video, flipbooks, photos, and other services simultaneously. No additional unattractive light stands or sets of light are needed.


In addition to offering a wide variety of service options, FLIP Photobooths have been designed to accommodate many different setup and configuration options. We typically attach all of the small electronics and accessory cables within the booth shell with cable ties. Just add the camera and laptop, plug in the booth, and you are ready to go! This allows for quick setup and maximum protection of expensive electronics.

Change the printer setup based on your service offering. When offering only photos, place one printer inside the booth. When printing flipbooks, set up the printer on a table near the assembly station. For both prints and flipbooks, one printer is placed in the booth and the other on the table. No mixing up prints and flipbooks!

The booth shell features an acrylic plexiglass front that can be customized to fit different cameras and laptops. Light painting and slow motion video requires two cameras and the plexi can be easily customized to accommodate both. If you decide to add an advanced service (and the second camera) later, simply use a standard drill and bit to make a new hole! As technology changes and you upgrade your electronics, the plexi can be easily replaced. If you upgrade your touchscreen laptop, simply swap out the front panel to accommodate any new screen dimensions.

How are FLIP Photobooths "versatile"?


The turn-key service option includes software customization, installation of electronic equipment, and training on booth operation. We customize the look of the software user interface with your colors, fonts, and logos and provide default settings for your service offerings. We will also provide templates for your prints with your logos.  We prepare the laptop with all the necessary updates and settings required to optimally run the software.

We can also attach the electronic equipment and accessory cables to the booth shell based on your preferred setup. We will help you get started with the software by providing our quick setup guide, user manual, and access to our online training video library - and offer 4 hours of personalized training at our studio or via video conference. 

We can also provide a variety of business support services for an additional fee. We'll help you create a logo, brand identity, and a marketing or pricing strategy. We also offer a wide variety of print and digital overlay templates that can be customized for your clients.

Do you provide training? What exactly does the turn-key service include and why do I need it?


FLIP Photobooths can be powder coated a wide variety of colors, and all sides of the booth can be wrapped with logos and graphics. Finally, if you select the turn-key option we will provide you with a set of print and digital overlay templates that include your branding. These are editable photoshop files that are easy to change and customize. 

How can the booth be customized for brands?


What else can you tell me about the booth shell? How lightweight and portable is it?

Our booths break down into three primary components for easy portability: the booth housing, the stand pole, and the stand base plates, weighing 28 pounds, 8 pounds, and 17 pounds, respectively. The booth housing has a combination lock for security, and the base plates feature hinged handles for easy placement and transport.

When you select the Flipbook upgrade, we will also provide a metal printer cover that is placed over the tabletop printer(s) that matches the booth shell. We always include a set of soft cases constructed out of durable nylon canvas to protect the booth shell components. Components are light enough to be hand-carried and set up on a small cart, and fit into a standard vehicle.


What specific camera, computer, printer, etc. do you use?



What else will I need for my booth?


Our clients demand high quality prints and images. We carefully select all equipment to take advantage of high quality and advanced technology that is affordable and portable. Technology changes rapidly, so we are consistently upgrading the equipment that we include with our booths and cannot guarantee a particular brand or model. We typically use Canon Rebel series DSLR cameras, Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers, and the most powerful touchscreen 2-in-1 laptop or mini PC and touchscreen monitor.


You may want to purchase a set of backdrops and backdrop stands as well as a variety of props. We also recommend purchasing an extra set of power cables, USB cables, and spares of other inexpensive electronics. We can provide a list of product recommendations once you complete your purchase.

*These are add on services, which may require upgraded equipment, software licenses, or set-up fees for turnkey service.