Choosing the Right Photo Booth Software

There are many excellent options when it comes to purchasing photo booth software. Quality is important to us, so we immediately ruled out software that is not comparable with DSLR cameras and Dyesublimation printers. Deciding which option works best for you will largely be determined by your budget, the features/services you plan to offer, your equipment, and how user friendly you want the software to be. Here are our favorite software options:

Photo Booth Upload

Photo Party offers two different sets of software. Photo Booth Upload (PBU) is photo booth software that has a wide variety of service options:

  • Photos
  • GIFs
  • Flipbooks
  • Morphing
  • Light Painting
  • Slow Motion Video
  • Green Screen
  • And more!

With all these features, this option may be best if you really want a lot of functionality from your photo booth.

Running PBU with Photo Party Upload (PPU) allows you add a social media station so that guests can share the images, videos, GIFs, etc. created using PBU to social media using a iPad or tablet.


  • Loads of features, many of which can be customized.
  • Includes photo filters and effects to make your digital captures pop.
  • Flipbook option allows you to save original video recorded as well as "digital flipbook video" .
  • Integrates easily with PPU social media sharing software.
  • Interface (look and feel) can be customized.
  • Good customer support.
  • PPU allows sharing to Instagram as well as Facebook, Twitter, text, and email.


  • Relatively costly, with ongoing costs when using their social sharing software.
  • Requires a lot of computing power - you may experience longer processing times and glitches with this software, especially if you are applying photo filters, green screen, or using more advanced features (like flipbooks).
  • We find the default interface design and page layouts to be a bit cheesy (though this is subjective of course), requiring a bit more effort to design and customize with your branding.
  • Bigger learning curve - more features means more to learn, especially if you want to customize the experience.

Cost (at time of this post):

  • PBU Annual License (photo booth software): $220 for basic (fewer features), and $330 for pro (more features).
  • PBU Lifetime License (photo booth software): $550 for basic, and $825 for pro.
  • PPU (social sharing software): Free, but $0.10 / upload or $30 / event.

Breeze Systems

Breeze software is simple and works like a charm. It may not have as many features as PBU, but if you sticking to basics - photos and GIFs or flipbooks (without social sharing) this is probably your best bet. There are different sets of software that must be purchases separately for different service options:

We love the Breeze Software because it works really quickly and easily.


  • Straight forward set of features.
  • Tends to run more smoothly and requires less computing power than other software
  • Simpler user interface doesn't use a lot of cheesy animation (though some might see this as a con). Interface design is easy to customize.
  • This software has been around for a long time and there are lots of loyal users.
  • Relatively affordable. License is good forever, though it only includes one year of free upgrades. Social software is a flat fee.


  • Fewer bells and whistles, though this makes it easier to set up.
  • Software set up interface looks intimidating and is less intuitive, but is easy to use and customize once you are familiar with it.
  • Customer support by email only, though there are some good user support forums.
  • Software does not save original video recorded for flipbooks. By running a separate script you can create GIFs of the flipbooks, but we don't love the quality in low lighting situations.
  • Breeze Kiosk doesn't allow sharing to Instagram.

Cost (at time of this post):

  • Flip Book Photo Booth: $250 for 1 year of upgrades, after 1 year upgrades are $125.
  • DSLR Remote Pro (photos, GIFs and videos): $275 for 1 year of upgrades, after 1 year upgrades are $138.
  • Breeze Kiosk (social sharing software): $150 for 1 year of upgrades, after 1 year upgrades are $75.